How do I Sign-up?

To receive your daily devotionals 24 hours after sign-up, text “40day180” to (833) 344-0213.  If you would like to receive your daily devotionals 10 hours after sign-up, text “IGNITED” to (833) 344-0213.

Will I receive any SPAM messages by giving you my phone number?

Absolutely not.  You will receive daily devotionals for 40 days and nothing more.

I have went through the 40day180, but want to do it again.  How do I?

If you have already participated in the 40day180, you must text “STOP” to (833) 344-0213to remove yourself from our list.  Then when you text “40day180” or “IGNITED” to (833) 344-0213 you will be signed back up to receive day 1 the next day.