What is 40Day180?

40Day180 is a devotional from God's Word sent via text message to you daily.

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The purpose of 40Day180 is to help people develop a consistent daily time with God.

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How Do I Sign Up?

Text "40day180" to (833) 344-0213 to receive your devotionals 24 hours after sign up.  Text "IGNITED" to receive them 10 hours after sign up.

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Why Should I Participate in the 40Day180?

If you are serious about your relationship with God and want to establish a daily time with the Lord, the 40day180 is a great tool to assist you in this. The Word of God is the focal point of this devotional.  Over the next 40 days we intend on helping you see not only how much God loves you, but that He has a good plan for your life and this plan is found through reading, memorizing, speaking, and doing the Word of God. You will also learn how to live set free of sin and struggles that are faced in life through applying the Word of God. We are excited about walking out these next 40 days with you.