Help support us in getting the 40day180 out to more people!

The 40day180 was created at AIM Church and does cost money for every text message sent out.  Any money you give will be used to pay for this service going forward.  If you give above, you will see an AIM Church icon.  However, you can click the “Give to” drop-down and select the 40day180.  NO ONE at AIM Church is paid.  Every dollar we receive is poured back into the ministry of getting God’s Word to the World (Matthew 28:18-20).  This is done through one-on-one discipleship, God Sets Free billboards, 40day180 texting devotional, publications, weekly youtube devotionals, handouts (armbands, cards, calendars), etc..  

Please Note:  You will see AIM Church on your bank statement after giving.  However, the location will list as Los Angeles, California.  This is because the service used,, is located in California.